Order Certificates of Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage

  • Certificates of Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage can now by ordered from Enniskeane Parish online.

    If you have all or most of the information relating to the required certificate, and simply want a certificate issued, please complete the form below. These certificates cost €8 including postage.

    On submitting your information you will be invited to pay by PayPal. (You can pay by credit card - you don't need a PayPal account.)

    If you are seeking relatives from genealogical research and only have some data please request a search here. Searches cost €15 (non-refundable).

    Please note:

    • The parish Baptism records begin from 1816 (however, records from the first 10 years can be hard to read).
    • The parish Confirmation records begin at 1840.
    • The parish Marriage records begin at 1816.

    Order a Certificate

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