Enrolment open for parish young people’s choir

Cór na nÓg Inis Céin youth choir is resuming rehearsals on Monday night September 16th 2019 in Enniskeane Church from 7:00 to 8.00pm. 

Children 3rd class and under have the option of leaving at 7:30. We will focus purely on 4th class upwards from 7:30-8pm. Newcomers are welcome from First class upwards and including post-primary school students. We already have a large group of boys and girls in the choir and they sing approximately once a month accompanying Mass. 

Any child under 8 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at practices. Enrolment form is available at the link below and can be brought to any of the practices. 

Young people joint consent for Mass rotas

We are blessed in our parish by the active participation of the children and young people in our Masses and liturgies. The Parish Assembly takes care of providing and updating the rotas for the involvement of children and young people as:

  • Bearers of the Gifts at the Offertory
  • Readers of the Prayer of the Faithful, and
  • Readers of the Second Scripture Reading

These lists are in the process of being updated for the coming year to June 2019 and new names are being added. Parents are invited to enrol your child or young person for one of these ministries in our parish at one of the three churches. They will only be on the rota once every few weeks. Please download the form at this link and return it either to school or to the Parish Office.

Children’s rotas consent form 2018 v1

2016 Altar Server enrolment for Castletown Church

Enrolment & Training: New altar servers along with a parent or guardian with each one are asked to attend a short meeting at Castletown Kinneigh Church on Thursday Oct 27th at 7.30pm. The new server rota for Castletown Church will commence with the Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls, beginning on Nov 2nd.

Please download 2016-10-altar-servers-for-castletown-church and return it to Coppeen School, to the Parish Office at Enniskeane, or bring it along on the night. Thanks.

New Altar Server enrolment

Parents are invited to enrol their sons and daughters to serve Mass and other ceremonies at one of our three churches and to join the long list of servers currently in the rota.

Enniskeane Servers are currently being enrolled. See further information and the enrolment form

Tax Back form

Parishioners who support the parish financially and who pay income tax on their earnings (either as PAYE or as a self-employed person) can have some of that tax put to use locally.

It’s a confidential scheme operated by the Revenue for registered charities.In brief:-

  • Most people pay some level of income tax; it is collected by Revenue
  • The tax includes the donations you make to parish collections
  • The parish can claim back this tax if you give the parish permission to do so
  • Do this by completing a simple “enduring certificate: this is kept by the parish and not given to anyone.
  • The parish only sends away your PPS number, your name and the amount being claimed back.

The Form which you need to print and fill in can be downloaded by clicking Enniskeane Tax Back Cert.

All our taxes stay with the government unless we decide where they can be used. By returning this simple form to the parish, you are ensuring that some of your hard-earned wages and income tax are used locally to maintain our church buildings, to help pay parish bills for electricity, heating oil and gas, water, insurance, wages, and other day to day costs of the parish. (Clergy income is completely separate from this.)

The parish doesn’t need to know anything about your personal business or tax. That’s private. You only give the parish your PPS number and your permission to get some of your tax back.

Please post the certificate to Parish Priest, Parochial House, Enniskeane, Co Cork.