Tax Back Form

Parishioners who support the parish financially and who pay income tax on their earnings (either as PAYE or as a self-employed person) can have some of that tax put to use locally.

It’s a confidential scheme operated by the Revenue for registered charities.In brief:-

  • Most people pay some level of income tax; it is collected by Revenue
  • The tax includes the donations you make to parish collections
  • The parish can claim back this tax if you give the parish permission to do so
  • Do this by completing a simple “enduring certificate: this is kept by the parish and not given to anyone.
  • The parish only sends away your PPS number, your name and the amount being claimed back.

The Form which you need to print and fill in can be downloaded by clicking Enniskeane Tax Back Cert.

All our taxes stay with the government unless we decide where they can be used. By returning this simple form to the parish, you are ensuring that some of your hard-earned wages and income tax are used locally to maintain our church buildings, to help pay parish bills for electricity, heating oil and gas, water, insurance, wages, and other day to day costs of the parish. (Clergy income is completely separate from this.)

The parish doesn’t need to know anything about your personal business or tax. That’s private. You only give the parish your PPS number and your permission to get some of your tax back.

Please post the certificate to Parish Priest, Parochial House, Enniskeane, Co Cork.