Stations of the Cross – Artwork & Prayer during Covid19

Stations of the Cross – Artwork Challenge for all

As part of our Parish Holy Week Celebrations this year, we are setting an Artwork Challenge. Everyone, young and young at heart, be they from our parish or those who join us online from all over the world, are invited to draw/create/colour one of the 14 Stations of the Cross and send us a picture of it. We will select two sets of 14 original entries to be used during our online parish celebration of the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday at 3pm and at 7.30pm. (For local entrants, there is even the chance to win an Easter Egg!)

Younger children and infants are invited to pick one of the 14 stations and colour in a pre-printed sheet available to view and download from the download section in the parish website below.

Click here to view and download artwork for children.

Older children and adults are asked to draw/paint/illustrate/re-create a station of their choice.

Please send a scan or photograph of the artwork to by Tuesday 7th April so that we can include the best and most original in our Parish Stations of the Cross.

Please ensure your nam, your age (or ‘adult’) and the name/number of the station you have chosen are in the email.

Good Luck and best wishes to all!

The Stations of the Cross is a way of praying to God while focussing on the route that Jesus followed on Good Friday between the time he was condemned to death (Station 1) and when his body was laid in the tomb (Station 14). Each of the Stations is represented in our church walls by an image which is usually carved or drawn.