Photos of Enniskeane Church

This is a photo of the interior of our parish church at Enniskeane.

Enniskeane Parish Church

And this one is taken from the gallery where the pipe organ is installed:

Enniskeane Parish Church

(Photos by Fr. Tom Hayes © 2012)

It was built beginning in 1871 under the leadership of Fr Daniel Coveney. It was designed by Richard Evans of Cork.

Almost two thirds of the pipes sponsored and Oboe installed

Sincere thanks to all the people from near and far who have sponsored pipes in the pipe organ for our parish church.

The installed organ will have 678 pipes in it. On Sept 11th, 2012, 409 of the pipes have been dedicated to named people. That’s over 60% of the pipes — or nearly two-thirds of the total!

The first batch of the printed souvenir certificates will be ready to be posted shortly. The certificate states which pipe has been sponsored, by whom, and to whom it is dedicated.

Listen to how the organ sounds on Sept 12

382 dedications

We have received 382 dedications for the pipes in the Enniskeane Pipe Organ. Many, many thanks.

The installed organ will have 678 pipes in total so more than half have been sponsored so far. The 678 includes an extra set of pipes whichare adding that was not part of the original organ when it was in Clonakilty. The extra set of pipes (known as a ‘stop’) will add the sound of trumpets to the organ.

Thanks to Padraig O’Donovan for salvaging these pipes from an organ up the country. They have been taken to England and back where they have been refurbished and re-voiced so they will be in harmony with the rest of the organ.

Organ played for first time at Mass in Enniskeane.

The ‘new’ pipe organ in Enniskeane Church was played at Mass for the first time on Aug 20th, 2012, to mark the 134th anniversary of when it was first played in Clonakilty in 1878. It was played by Padraig O’Donovan, who is also responsible for the fitting of the organ.

Click to listen to the audio of the organ as parishioners sang “Hail Queen of Heaven”.