Enrolment open for parish young people’s choir

Cór na nÓg Inis Céin youth choir is resuming rehearsals on Monday night September 17th in Enniskeane Church from 7.15pm to 8.00pm. 

Newcomers are welcome from First class upwards and including post-primary school students. We already have a large group of boys and girls in the choir and they sing approximately once a month accompanying Mass. 

Any child under 8 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at practices. Enrolment form is available at the link below and can be brought to any of the practices. 

2018 Cór na nÓg Form v3

Young people joint consent for Mass rotas

We are blessed in our parish by the active participation of the children and young people in our Masses and liturgies. The Parish Assembly takes care of providing and updating the rotas for the involvement of children and young people as:

  • Bearers of the Gifts at the Offertory
  • Readers of the Prayer of the Faithful, and
  • Readers of the Second Scripture Reading

These lists are in the process of being updated for the coming year to June 2019 and new names are being added. Parents are invited to enrol your child or young person for one of these ministries in our parish at one of the three churches. They will only be on the rota once every few weeks. Please download the form at this link and return it either to school or to the Parish Office.

Children’s rotas consent form 2018 v1

2017 “Young Photographer of the Year” Competition and more!


Calling all our young photographers and artists. The Parish Assembly will be running our annual YOUNG PHOTRAGPHER OF THE YEAR 2017 competition at the BEDA HALL, Ballineen Sunday 28th May 2-7pm.

Four things going on at the same time!!


The competition for Young Photographer of the Year we will have 2 categories.
PRIMARY 3rd – 6th Class. Choice of theme: BUILDINGS or OUR ENVIRONMENT.
Get the Photo Comp entry form.


We will also be running a COLOURING COMPETITION for our younger artists. Again, Two Categories:
Juniors & Seniors Class, and
1st & 2nd Class
Wonderful prizes for all. The entry form is Colour Comp Form
and these are the colouring sheets (click to download);-

Colouring Competition Juniors&Seniors Nature
Colouring Competition Juniors&Seniors Our Environment

Colouring Competition 1st&2nd Creation
Colouring Competition 1st&2nd Our Environment


DONATE A PRINT Donate a print of a photo you have taken to be exhibited and sold in aid of the COPE FOUNDATION and the Parish Building Fund. Photos can be handed in at the BEDA Hall, Ballineen on Thurs 18th/ Fri 19th May 6-7pm & Sat 20th May 2-3pm. Preferred unmounted size of 10 x 8 inches (This is open to anyone who would like to share their photo talents for charity. Work can only be accepted from ages 18+). These images will be exhibited and offered for sale at the BEDA Hall, Ballineen, on Sunday May 28th.


Photo Exhibition by Fr Tom Hayes. Also on May 28th, Fr Hayes will exhibit a selection of his photos with a local and West Cork flavour. Professionally mounted and framed images will be open sale in aid of the designated charities: the Cope Foundation and the Enniskeane Parish Building Fund (in aid of renovating Castletown Kinneigh Church).


Copies of the Entry Forms are also available locally and will also be available at the BEDA Hall on Thurs 18th/ Fri 19th May 6-7pm & Sat 20th May 2-3pm when entries are received.

Now, click on with it!!!

2016 Altar Server enrolment for Castletown Church

Enrolment & Training: New altar servers along with a parent or guardian with each one are asked to attend a short meeting at Castletown Kinneigh Church on Thursday Oct 27th at 7.30pm. The new server rota for Castletown Church will commence with the Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls, beginning on Nov 2nd.

Please download 2016-10-altar-servers-for-castletown-church and return it to Coppeen School, to the Parish Office at Enniskeane, or bring it along on the night. Thanks.

Junior Choir – enrol now!

The Junior Choir will recommence practise on Monday Oct 3rd at 7.15pm at Enniskeane Church..

There is still time to enrol! Children from First Class up are welcome to join.

Get the enrolment form here: 2017-junior-choir-form.

Involving young people at Mass – an invitation

Enniskeane and Desertserges    ||||||   Family & Youth Group of the Parish Assembly
20th September, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Prayers of the Faithful rota for young people in each of the three churches, which began last year, has been a great success. For the coming term, it is planned to organise both a rota for Prayers of the Faithful and for the Second Scripture Readings for weekend Masses in each of the three churches in the parish.
We invite parents and guardians to encourage young people to have an active part in our celebration of Sunday Mass. In turn, this will also help develop young people’s confidence and their appreciation of the Mass.

To encourage involvement of young people, our outline plan is to assign tasks to specific age-groups:

  • 2nd class: gift bearers (bringing up the bread and wine to the altar during Mass)
  • 3rd class: gift bearers
  • 4th: gift bearers / altar servers
  • 5th: altar servers / Prayer of the Faithful reader
  • 6th: altar servers / Prayer of F
  • 1st Year: Prayer of Faithful reader
  • 2nd Year: Prayer of F / Second Scripture Reading
  • 3rd Year: Second Scripture Reading
  • 4th Year & older: Second / First Scripture Reading / Collectors / Ministers of the Eucharist

Naturally, there will need to be a bit of flexibility with this. (Information about recruiting new altar servers will be distributed shortly through the schools.)

In relation to the Prayers of the Faithful, the plan is to have two young people for each Mass (Sat and Sun), each one reading two short intercessions. Texts will be forwarded in advance by email. The texts of the Second Scripture Reading for each week can be previewed at the parish website homepage .

A short training session will be held in Enniskeane Church on Thurs. Oct 3rd at 7pm.
An initial rota will be developed at these sessions. If your son or daughter would like to sign up for either rota, please complete the enclosed form and return it to either the school, to one of the churches or to a member of the Parish Assembly Family and Youth group.

Thanking you in advance,

Family & Youth Group