Where’s your sponsorship going?

Fair question:

In time, a full account of the costs involved in the Pipe Organ installation will be available. The larger part of the cost arises from the strengthening and re-flooring of the gallery. This has required very careful attention to detail to preserve the integrity and appearance of the gallery because it is part of our heritage, too. However, we are also required to ensure that people who use the church and the gallery are safe. The additional weight of the organ also meant that steel reinforcing needed to be inserted into the gallery between the ceiling and the floor above it. Thankfully, there was adequate space there to enable this to be done. The new floor will also be tiered to safe levels for the choir.

Some of the costs incurred to date are:-

  • Reinforced Steel supports €10,550
  • Engineering fees €4,000
  • Timber flooring €4,800
  • Rebuild and re-leather the main organ bellows €4,278
  • Cost of other components which had to be replaced, including all electrical parts €9.082